My husband and I have taken private dance lessons with Leah for over 2 years now. She is fabulous! She always shows-up with a smile and her passion for dance comes through immediately. She is a great teacher - patient, fun, and always teaching us tricks to learn new dance steps. She’s the best!
— Heidi G. July 2018
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I’ve known Leah for about 15 years, and she has always been an incredible dancer and a wonderful person. My now wife and I had the opportunity to take lessons with her for our first dance over the past two months, and Leah’s passion for both dance and teaching was evident at a level I hadn’t seen before!

I would recommend Leah as a teacher to anyone with any level of dance experience. You’re sure to leave having learned new dance skills and gained a new friend!
— Michael R. July 2018

Not only is Leah a beautiful and talented dancer, she is an incredibly gifted teacher as well. She is able to read what motivates people and teach to that. In a group class setting with mixed skill levels, she’s inclusive and personal, challenges, and encourages. Whether it is your first lesson or 1000th, she is your biggest fan. I want to be perfect the first time I try any new dance routine, I don’t want to look dumb or clumsy, which has inhibited me from trying at times. I’ve been able to let a lot of that go, to allow myself the freedom to look silly in front of others. Leah has been one of the primary factors of that gift of freedom to learn and grow. She’s so genuine in her love of dance and sharing it with others.
— Ashley G. June 2018
I am an unathletic, uncoordinated man who has never really danced. I decided to hire Leah for the father daughter dance so I could have some one on one time with my daughter before she got married. That alone was one of the best decisions of my life. But it turns out the dance lessons were a ton of fun. So, my wife substituted for my daughter after the wedding, and we have been taking lessons ever since. And now, to my amazement, some people consider me a decent dancer. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
— David G. August 2018

Leah Boresow has my HIGHEST recommendation. My husband and I are not exactly professional dancers, but Leah made us feel comfortable and at ease. She is patient and will show you the dance move she is teaching you numerous times. Leah’s passion for dance comes through in her teaching and her positive energy is contagious. If you get the opportunity to work with Leah, take it! She’s the best.
— Rachel S. August 2018