Why We Dance: Health and Wellness

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It’s no secret that dance is a form of exercise.

However, when compared to going to the gym or participating in common sport activities, dance is sometimes overshadowed and we forget just how beneficial dance can be for our health and wellness. With it being a new year, a lot of us may feel a little more motivated to take better care of our overall health, and so I felt it would be a a perfect time to further highlight why dance is such a good thing to incorporate into our lives.

For those of you who do not love going to the gym to get that cardio in and keep your heart rate healthy, dance is such a fun alternative! All you need at a dance social are 2-4 dances, and you will feel a great sense of cardio workout without having to push yourself too much. Also, like going to the gym, because it is in a relaxed social setting, you can be in control of when you want to dance or rest, without any added pressure.

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For me, dance is a perfect reminder that as humans, our spines are meant to move. This means that with all of the sitting down we do in front of phones and computers, as well as sitting down for driving, our spines can become stiff and we can get aches and pains, as well as sore backs. At a social level, dance is such a good way to get the spines moving, without being too strenuous. It also encourages us to have better posture, which is one of the best self-maintained ways to have good pro-longed spinal health.

Apart from physical benefits, dance of so many styles is a great way to improve your mental and social health as well. Whether you are attending a social or a group class OR a private lesson, dancing provides an atmosphere of connection, to music, to other people, and to yourself! Not to mention that it is one of the best ways I know to strengthen motor-neuron connection and coordination. There are so many studies that have proven how great dance is for your health; check out this wonderful article by Berkeley Wellness that tells you more! There are even studies that show how dance specifically can help with diseases and conditions like Parkinson’s, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and more.

I am certainly not the first dancer to tell you that dance is great for your health and wellness, and I will certainly not be the last. I don’t even feel like I have to try to sell the idea, either, because I get to live it, every day. Dance brings my mind, body, and soul so much health and happiness. It is a form of exercise that is not just repetition of literal exercises, but it is constantly changing with music and energy so much, that sometimes you forget that you are indeed becoming healthier while doing it! Don’t get me wrong- I very much love going to the gym and doing cross training when I can. Not to mention that with a lot of dancing comes attention to body preservation and care, which is very important to sustain your dancing health and wellness. I enjoy the feeling that my body gets when it is moving and stretching, it truly is a full body workout! I am pretty lucky that some of my daily workouts include dancing with others at a social, or performing for myself and others on a stage.

Interested in dancing for YOUR health? Contact me and let's get dancing- 2019 is ready for you to hit the dance floor!