Why We Dance: Know Your Body


Musicians have their instruments. Tennis players use rackets, baseball players use bats, and so on and so forth. Dancers have their bodies; in fact, the body is the only instrument we have, and we LOVE it!

Of course no matter the physical activity, hobby, or sport, we are all using our bodies. But in my opinion, the craft of dance pushes us to understand out bodies in such a special way. I am not just talking about the obvious exercise and endurance, but more so the coordination of moving our bodies, both with and without music. It is through all of my years of dancing that I truly have learned just how amazing my body actually is.

Contrary to what many may believe- ANYONE can dance. I say this because I believe that there is a stereotype of a certain "body type” that can succeed more in dancing than others. Just like anything else, every body is different and capable in its own way, not to mention that the spirit of dance does not come from physical intention, rather, it is the mind and the soul that houses the love of movement that starts it all. The more you dance, the more you can feel comfortable in your own skin, as you realize that we are all just moving our bodies together in unison, enjoying the freedoms of just letting go and having fun.

Of course, there is no denying that once we realize that we want to dance and feel comfortable enough to do it, we do have the physical component of it all- actually using our bodies. There is much patience involved in dance, because a lot of it involves things like muscle isolation (moving muscles you didn’t even know you could), endurance (taking 1-2 hour dance classes, learning and performing routines, etc) and coordination (moving your legs while having to think about what your arms are doing, too!). Needless to say, our bodies are incredible, and when you dance, no matter what kind of dance you do, you will realize that your body is an incredible vessel that gives you countless opportunities to grow and learn new things about yourself! I really feel that my years of experience in dance have led me to be so grateful for my body- not just because of the fact that it carries me around in every day to day life, but that it allows me to dance and feel free. The longer you dance, the better you will become acquainted with your body and know it (:

If you and your body aren’t already dancing, then now is the time to get started! Contact me today for more information.