Leah Boresow Dance- New Journey!


I am proud to say that after 3 and a half marvelous years of working at Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta, I have officially begun a new journey as a self employed dancer, teacher, and choreographer of my own business, Leah Boresow Dance!


I have grown so much as a dancer of all kinds of styles over the past few years, and it came to for me to express myself and my abilities under my own name. As my own boss, I am now able to have more time to teach all styles of dance with much more flexibility, as well as perform and choreograph to my heart's content! 

I wanted the focus of this blog post to be about 2 main things- why dance is important, and what it takes to be a good dance teacher (in my opinion,of course).


Ok so- that big question- why IS dance important? There of course is no right or wrong answer. Dance, like music, connects us. It is a beautiful art form that is expression through movement of the body, not words. And THAT alone is cool enough for me. I think we take for granted just how awesome the human body is- we are capable of so many things, and I think that dance gives us the opportunity to show it  off. Whether you are preparing for a show, or just taking a class for fun, dance is a portal that allows you to connect your body and mind to music and enjoy! On a social aspect with genres like ballroom and Latin dancing, dance is truly a way to connect with someone else, be it a friend or a complete stranger. Building a community through dance is one of the best kinds that I know! No matter what kind of dance you are doing, I believe that you need to not worry about what others might think you look like- if you feel good dancing, then you are on the right track, the rest will follow. Be foolish, feel silly- let dance allow you to release your inhibitions, and then I am very confident that you will find just how important dance can be in this life.


As many of you know, I am a dance teacher. I am so passionate about dance and what it can do for your benefit, that is just seems like I am meant to share my passion and knowledge with you! I take my responsibility very seriously- I know that people are investing time and money and TRUST into what I have to give, and I will continue to strive to give that to you. I do think there is a big difference between a good teacher and a great teacher. A good teacher can encourage you and teach you patterns and then tell you what you do wrong. A GREAT teacher will find out how dance inspires you, how it can fit to any individual, and how they can explain it so that it makes sense to you. There are some amazing dancers out there, believe me I have seen them! But just because you are a great dancer, that doesn't mean you will be a great teacher. It takes kindness, patience, and passion. I don't think you can just stumble upon it. It, like dance for me, is something that you feel you must do- because you love it.


In this new journey of my life as an independent teacher, I will work every day to bring that passion to you, whoever you are. Please give me the chance to show you how great dancing is.

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